Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Wife and her "Friend"

My wife called me at work and asked if she could bring a friend home for dinner, that's not that unusual, as she sometimes brings home a girl from work. I said that I would get two bottles of wine and I'll see her at home later. Can you imagine the shock in my face when I saw my wife walk in the kitchen with this enormous black man. She than told me that "This is James, and he has been fucking me for three months, and I have told him that I belong to him now, I'm his new Black Cock Slut! He told me that he wants to breed me to show the world that I'm his, and I've said yes." That was 4 months ago and my wife is now in her second month. Our 19 yr.old daughter, a freshman in college now knows about her mother and is also interested in becoming black bred also. What, if anything can I do to stop this from happening?